We specialise in creating imaginative, exciting outdoor spaces for residential and commercial clients. Whatever your space from small courtyards to large country gardens we provide creative practical soluions to your gardens layout. By using appropriate materials and creative planting schemes that provide year round interest we create stunning gardens that meet your practical and aesthetic requirements.




We work on schemes for urban, suburban and rural gardens, large and small for both new build and period homes. 


Based in Bedfordshire we take on work Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire as well North London.


Contact us now to arrange a no obligation on site consultation. 07739 157857   info@mlgd.co.uk



Our Story

Having developed a passion for plants  Mark, our designer quit the London office to study at the Oxford College of Garden Design, graduating in 2002. Working with associate designers and landscapers we then quickly developed an extensive portfolio of projects and established a reputation for excellent work.

Design Obsessives

We have created numerous successful gardens that are perfectly suited modern living, we believe that good garden design is a strong combination of practical and aesthetic elements.


We understand how to organise spaces within the garden, linking them together, ensuring all the space is used and repeating elements to create a cohesive scheme. The organisation of the garden layout is one of the biggest challenges for any garden, but we find one of the most enjoyable and satisying issues to resolve! Materials and plants are then overlaid the ground plan adding texture, volume, colour and form.


We are aware that every site and clients requirements are unique and we tailor our work to suit both you and your garden. 

Plants and Wildlife

We love discovering new plant associations and developing interesting schemes for our gardens, we trial all the plants we uses in our own garden before unleashing them on our clients, ensuring you end up with no under perfomers. We are also passionate about planting for wildife, including plants that attract birds, bees and other pollinators into the garden.

We were thrilled with the garden this year, the succession of plants and still so much more to come! We have spent so much time outside, thankyou so much for all your hard work, we couldt have done it without you!