Services and Fees

Comprehensive Design Service

We offer a complete design service covering all the stages required to create your perfect garden. We listen to our clients and using our vision and skills develop your requirements into a practical, individual scheme that integrates your garden with the property and the wider landscape. 

Practical Layout Solutions

Solving your garden's layout is one of the biggest challenges encountered when considering the development of your garden. We are here to solve these issues for you in a creative and imaginative way as well selecting the appropriate hard landscaping materials and the correct planting style for your garden.


Necessity of Design

Having a plan for your garden is a necessity, not a luxury. The plans we produce enable you to achieve a cohesive scheme that works for you and your site as well as giving a contractor a clear set of instructions on precisely how to build the garden.


Design Fees for Garden Design start at £750.00


Floating steps
What to Plant Where?

Are you happy with the layout of your garden and are unsure what to plant where?  We design planting plans tailored to your site and personal tastes. Plants are fantastic in isolation but the real interest is generated when they are combined to create dramatic, interesting schemes.

Year Round Interest

One of the most frequent questions we receive is how to create year round interest? With over twenty years experience of working with and growing plants we understand how to design planting schemes with interest through the key months of March to October as well as providing Winter interest.


Design fees for Planting Plans start at £400.00

Green white pink planting


Agapanthus, sandstone sphere
Need Advice?
You may be looking for some advice on how to imporve the look and feel of your garden?
This could be ideas for planting, how to improve specific areas or suggestions for planters, lighting and sculpture.
Charged at an hourly rate depending on location, please contact us for futher information.